God the Father is not really a Father, archbishop notes

Descriptions of God are always “to some degree metaphorical” Archbishop Welby says


Bishop levels assault charges against priest/parish council

Bishop in Karnataka South claims he was pulled by his pectoral cross during a melee at a parish in Mysore


Blackburn Cathedral is Muslim territory after Islamic call to prayer

Jules Gomes examines the theological consequences of permitting the muzzein's call in an Anglican Cathedral


Huntington Beach rector defrocked for misconduct

Michael Archer deposed for violating pastoral directive during financial investigation


Homily for the Second Sunday before Advent

Leading the elect astray - the heresy of inclusivity


Cathedrals and Contradictioun

Gavin Ashenden comments on the Islamic call to prayer controversy at Blackburn Cathedral


Pakistani Police warn of potential terror attacks on Christians

The Pakistan police have sent a letter to all the leaders of Christian institutes warning them about possible terrorist attacks, organized in connection with the case of Asia Bibi.


Former archbishop of Burma dead

The Most Rev. Samuel San Si Htay passed away on 14 Nov 2018