Cairo Citizenship Roundtable with Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon

Bishop Mouneer and the Diocese of Egypt recently hosted a remarkable inter-faith dialogue event in our All Saints Garden Conference Center.


Assistant Bishop of Washington appointed

Chilton Knudsen will join the Diocese of Washington as Assisting Bishop


Khartoum update from the Bishop of Egypt

Dr Mouneer Anis has returned from Khartoum after meeting with the bishops of the Church of Sudan 


Transgender tragi-comedy: the House of Bishops’ Christmas cracker

David Baker writes: "you can tell it’s a spoof because the guidance contains pretty much no theology whatsoever."


Guidance for gender transition services published by the Church of England

New guidance for parishes planning services to help transgender people mark their transition has been published by the Church of England.


Why can't Anglicans teach their bishops to read the Bible?

What Archbishop Sentamu calls a “childish dream” is in reality a biblical vision

God the Father -- a theological reflection

Prof. Stephen Noll looks at the furore over Justin Welby's comments on God the Father through a Scriptural lens


Church of England offers sympathy, but will not press the govt to save Asia Bibi

Questions poised by MPs to the Second Church Estates Commission on Asia Bibi and the persecution of Christians